Environmental Responsibility

Many companies turn a blind eye when it comes to environmental responsibility, but here at Body Vanity we refuse too. Running a company is just as important as the part we play in the environment. We decided to do our part so you can do yours.
Our Part
We ultimately have decided to minimize our environmental footprint. We do this be keeping our packaging to a minimal. We do not use anything that we do not deem necessary to protect our products. Most of our products are in glass packaging. Our soaps are now naked in efforts to limit our footprint. Our shampoos & conditioners remain in pet plastic while we figure out a better solution. Pet plastic is fully recyclable. We have began a recycling return program in which we are now accepting empty bottles and jars from previous purchased items. We ask that a minimum of 3 empty jars/bottles be returned.
Your Part
We need your help to make this program a success. To initiate your participation in our recycling return program, please contact us via our contact form. Once connected with our Body Vanity team we will email you a prepaid postage to return any empty jars/bottles. As part of your efforts, we will give you 12% off your next order. 

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