Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety can take a mental toll. Learn how to relax and destress is as vital as beauty regimen. Relaxation can promoted through what we eat, our environment, and our lifestyle. Check out our tips below to help pick up some tips on how to add a touch of relaxation. 

Herbs are common practice to promote relaxation. You can use herbs such as lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, and bay leaf (promotes sleep ). To help support anxiety you can turn to herbs such as ashwagandha and St. johns wort. Create a tea blend and sip some tea to help ease your mind. 

Spa baths are a traditional practice used all across the world to help ease stress and promote a relax mind & body. Create your own bath through the use of salts, add a touch of your favorite scented oil or add some oatmeal to your bath for those with sensitive skins.  Light your favorite candle and play some relaxing tunes. 

Believe it or not, exercising can help relieve stress ! Turn to youtube to find step by step workout. Check out Pinterest boards for workout challenges. Turn to your smart phone for apps the provide guided yoga such as Down dog. Podcasts are a thing of the future you can't go wrong with a meditating podcast session. 

Share with us on instagram @bodyvanity your spa bath or your way of promoting relaxation. Hope you all stay safe & healthy during these times. Much Love. 


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