Detox Time

Our bodies work the way we nourish them. If we add processed food and junk we end up with a clogged system and parts of our body not functioning to their best ability. Our bodies work best when we add fruits, vegetables, grains & healthy nuts to our diet. Here is a detox juice recipe to cleanse your body of toxins.


1 green apple

Handful of kale leaves & stems (preferably purple)

2-3 celery sticks

1/2 - 1 cucumber

1" fresh ginger root

Handful of cilantro

1 lemon

1/2 cup of water


1. Soak your veggies in a vinegar baking soda bath for 15 mins. 1:2 ratio. This soak helps reduce pestides from your veggies.

2. Once you thoroughly cleaned your ingredients add them to a blender. ( I use a vitamin blender as it breaks down everything like skin and seeds.) Blend until all of it is throughly blended.

3. Strain your juice! Ice & enjoy.

Straining your juice is crucial because you only want the aliments of the juice without straining your juice you will also consume the fiber. This isn't ideal because your body now needs to work to digest the fiber and in this case you only want the nutrients.

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