Soap Berries

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Soap berries are a dried fruit, from the Himalayans that contain saponin.  When placed in water they produce a naturally occurring surfactant, saponin. Saponin is a natural gentle cleanser that can be used throughout the household or personal care use. 

Works Best To: 

  • Cleanse clothes 
  • Cleanse skin & hair 
  • Cleanse household surfaces

Formulated With: 

Soap Berries

Suggested Usage:

To use as laundry detergant or household cleaner : Place 5 soap berries in a reusable cotton bag. Toss into washer and was as normal. Soap Berries are reusable. Reuse until berries start to disintegrate.  Soap Berries do not remove grease stains pretreat fabrics before washing with soap berries. 

To use as personal care cleanser: Add hot water to a jar with soap berries. Allow to soak over night to extract as much saponin as possible. Use as soap. 

Soap Berries perform better in hot/warm water.