Blossom Soak & Scrub
Blossom Soak & Scrub

Blossom Soak & Scrub

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Blossom Soak & Scrub contains natural ingredients that contain antibacterial properties which help tighten and unclog pores, it may help with certain skin conditions such as inflammatory skin issues.   

Fragrance Notes

Rose & Lavender essential oil 


Works Best To

  • Exfoliate dead skin 
  • Detox toxins 
  • Stress relief

Formulated With

Magnesium Chloride, Himalayan Salt, Olive Oil, Rose flowers, Jasmine flowers, Rose essential oil, Lavender essential oil

Suggested Usage

To use as a soak add 2 scoops to a bath of warm water to unwind with our herbal soak & detox your skin. 

To use as a scrub scoop out and combine with water to create a paste like texture. 

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