Charcoal Mask
Charcoal Mask

Charcoal Mask

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Need a detox ? Charcoal absorbs toxins, removes skin impurities, excess oil, on and below the skins surface. It's the perfect mask for normal to oily and combination skin.  

Fragrance Notes

Tea Tree essential oil

Works Best To:

  • draws bacteria, toxins, chemicals, dirt, oil, and other micro-particles to the surface of the skin
  • astringent, antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties
  • may help with appearance of acne & blackheads

Formulated With:

Distilled water, Activated bamboo charcoal, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Bentonite clay, Vegetable wax, Vegetable glycerin, Sorbic acid (food grade), Tea tree essential oil 

Suggested Usage: Apply an even layer to skin. Allow to sit for 10-15 minutes or until completely dry. Rinse with warm water . Follow up with a moisturizer. Use once a week.